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The PROTECTIVE BEHAVIOURS Course is a practical approach to personal boundaries and safety. Based on two themes - “We all have the right to feel safe” and “We can talk with someone about anything” - Protective Behaviours is a process which enhances emotional awareness and literacy. This course has been developed with strategies to empower every individual to recognise, act and respond to feeling unsafe.





• Emotions and Feelings
• Feeling Safe
• Introduction to private parts and using correct autonomy
• Early warning signs
• Safe touch, unwanted touch and unsafe touch
• Your body, your rules. What does this mean?



To discuss and label emotions, what are they and do we need them? In Focus One we begin by identifying early warning signs and how our bodies talk to us without words. Can I have more then one feeling at a time? How do I understand what my body is telling me? Sometimes it is for our safety and understanding how unsafe and safe touch works. It is also important to learn how to say “No, I’m not in the mood for a hug today”. Who controls our emotions and who can support our emotions? It is critical to note that some children will need additional education or a variation of aids due to previous trauma, illness, or disability.






• Rights and responsibilities; what are they and what is the difference?
• Feelings thoughts and behaviours
• Healthy relationships and healthy friendships
• Identifying unhealthy friendships and unhealthy relationships
• Networks and Safety Circle
• Body Ownership and consent



What are basic human rights and responsibilities? What makes a good friend? How I can be a good friend? What is a network person or safety person? In Focus Two we will learn how to explore a range of people that could help if needed. What is personal space? Who owns it? Who is responsible for our feelings? Who is responsible for our behaviour? What to do if your feeling does not match the action you are doing?






• Body autonomy
• Consent
• Private and public places
• Private and public parts, are public parts for everyone? Why/Why not?
• Personal Space



In Focus Three we discuss how to correctly identify the parts of the body that are private using correct names. What is consent? How do I give permission or say ‘NO” with examples? Why do we have private and public behaviour? How do I know what my personal space is and how do I know what another person has chosen?






• Persistence, what is it?
• What to do when you don’t feel heard
• The 5 NO’s
• Identifying unsafe situations
• Secrets and surprise, what is the difference and why don’t we keep secrets?



How to solve a problem. This is not putting the responsibility on the child to handle the unwanted attention - it is to allow the child to work through the chain of protective behaviours, setting boundaries and learning to report abuse and unsafe situations. It is not for us to dismiss what a child feels is unsafe. Without problem solving skills, abuse or unsafe situations cannot be identified and reported. Communication - what is it and how can we communicate without words?






Session is $450 (excl. GST) per year group and is delivered in 6 x 1 hour long consecutive weekly sessions,
Further support will continue after the session should educators require it; and to check the progress of the children. Additional suggestions can be provided at no additional cost. Email and phone conference support options are included in this package.

This introductory session and can be booked to begin the Protective Behaviours Education journey, the focus of this group session is all children always have the right to feel safe and includes additional content with relevant context. This session is great for day care facilities or school holiday programmes as the children have different days that they are present, multiple sessions of the same content will ensure all children can participate on different days they are booked in. Those who have participated previously have the added benefit of repetition of content and reinforcement of the Protective Behaviours foundation of knowledge.



Full term programme to be delivered for one hour a week for an entire term. The cost of the full-term of sessions, covering all four focus’ is $1200 (excl. GST) per year group. This is an extensive and educational programme aimed at children new to protective behaviours.

A free 1-hour group parent consult is available at the end of this programme to help the parents understand how to keep education going and implement protective behaviours into everyday scenarios.



Two of the four focus’ delivered over 7 weeks offering flexibility to the hosting facility with the course running for just 7 weeks, and two focus areas being taught. For example, This option may be started in Term 1 and be rebooked to provide the further two focus groups in Term 3 providing a more flexible option for educators of primary school students or for children with disabilities who are attending other therapy. The cost of the 7 week programme is $750 (excl. GST) per year group for the first two focus group sessions. Booking the remaining content to complete all four focus groups in protective behaviours later, is charged at the same rate.

Directed to children who cannot attend ** This is a refresher programme for students who have had an introduction to protective behaviours education, but who have not completed the full course content.



MY BODY YOUR BODY, is a separate parenting session at a cost of $175 for 2 hours.

This session is designed to discuss the content of MY BODY YOUR BODY the book and outlines how to teach the specific protective behaviours outlined in the book. This session focus’ on repeating the content through a variety of activities and everyday scenarios giving parents tools to best support their children on their protective behaviour’s education journey.

Considerations are always made to include cultural interpretation and language requirements; this will be requested prior to commencement of any of the above sessions being booked.


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