Protective Behaviours Practitioner

Education surrounding Protective Behaviors is an ongoing conversation you can start as soon as your child starts to talk. We focus on body safety, consent, personal space, and boundaries. It also covers topics such as early warning signs , communication, and safety networks. Giving children the tools and knowledge they need to stay safe and report unwanted behavior has an empowering effect.

Children will learn that speaking up and telling a trusted adult from their safety network is empowering, that they have the right to say NO. I help educate Children about secrets and there is a difference between secrets and surprises.

As a protective Behaviours practitioner and Mother of young children, I understand how scary it can be to begin this journey. We never want to let our children know that the world can sometimes be a dangerous place. But the dangers are not going anywhere. The best thing we can do is arm our children with a loud confident voice, a safety network, and good open communication about keeping themselves and others safe.

Sexual abuse and grooming thrive on silence and rely on the victim being too scared to come forward. Abusers will threaten, lie and manipulate the child to keep their secret. But further still, abusers will also groom families and communities with a fake persona or order to gain trust. When a child discloses information about unwanted attention no matter how big or small, choose to believe them and act.