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Within the therapy team at the Autism Association of WA, we have appreciated and valued the 'My Body Your Body' book developed by Mellita. We have a number of copies of the book which are used within our team and we believe it can be used as a valuable tool in supporting individuals with Autism to better understand their bodies, build knowledge about personal safety, and provide strategies to encourage protective behaviours and safe practices. The language used in the book along with the illustrations provide great supports for learning these concepts and also provide an enjoyable read for children who may be undertaking some learning in this area.

- Mathew Johnson - The Autism Association of Western Australia

My Body Your Body by Mellita Rose is a sweet, simple, large format picture story book for younger children. The illustrations are appealing, and the text is easy to understand and clearly outlines body safety strategies for children. Little readers (and listeners) will have a clear idea of the names for their private body areas, and the rules and expectations around body boundaries, consent, and privacy. I would recommend this book for families, early-learning providers and anyone wanting a simple and gentle introduction to protective behaviours education for the little children in their lives.

- Margie Buttriss - Protective Behaviours Victoria

'I just received my copy of Mellita Rose's book today!!!! I connected with her here and I will definitely be recommending her book to my clients at Family Intermediary. If you are a parent like I am I would recommend this book as well, parent to parent.

Thank you Mellita Rose :) Your work is amazing!!!!

-  Family Intermediary - Legal Service -

'I believe that 'My Body, Your Body' by Mellita Rose is a great resource for teaching children (as early as 2 years of age up to Prep) safety and being more comfortable with their bodies. It’s utmost importance to educate and empower children so they know what to do and be able to protect themselves.

As a teacher, mother of 3, and owner of a learning centre in Melbourne, I use the book as a spring board for teaching body parts, appropriate language and names for their body parts, language of safety and their safety circle. Mellita has also recommended activities which children love to do during and after reading the book. We’re glad that we share the same advocacy with the author.

Highly recommended!'

- The Learner's Hub Melbourne - Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Learner's Hub

''My Body, Your Body ' by Mellita Rose is incredible and one that I think every family should have on the bookshelf.

I 100% percent recommend it!'

- M. Tammer – Perth, Western Australia.


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