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The abuse of a child thrives on silence. We need to work together as a community and stand up against all forms of abuse.


Mellita Rose was born in the town of Kawakawa, New Zealand, before moving to Perth, Western Australia, with her family in 1988.

Mellita is happiest spending time with her partner and two sons, Lachlan (9) and Thomas (6). Her family enjoys playing rugby, cooking together and spending as much time outside as possible.

Becoming a Mother in 2011 has been an incredible evolution of who Mellita thought she was going to become. In many ways, it has been the most challenging and exhausting experience of her life, although she wouldn't change it for anything. In 2014, her second baby was born and the entirely new style of parenting started to emerge. The tiredness didn't go away - but Mellita adapted.

The worry certainly didn't go away either, but Mellita learned that the small bumps and bruises felt by one while she was attending the other were necessary, healthy and part of the curiosity all children have.

One part of parenting that has never changed for Mellita was her decision to teach her children about protective behaviours. Both children were introduced to the correct names of their body and taught to recognise feelings, emotions and communication from as early as two years old.

Long before Mellita became an author and a protective behaviours practitioner, she firmly believed that these lessons would help her children to become confident, self-aware and develop the ability to communicate effectively whether this is verbal or non-verbal.

Teaching protective behaviours can sound like a huge complicated topic. Mellita's job is to take out the confusing labels and simplify it.

Protective behaviours is an essential part of parenting that most of us are doing every day without knowing it. Mellita's role is to help parents and caregivers understand why it's significant to teach these behaviours and exactly how to teach them from as early as two years old.

It's as simple as respecting a child's wishes not to kiss and cuddle friends and family upon being instructed to do so. Their body is their own - besides, they make rules of who and when they want to kiss and cuddle anyone.

It's helping your child to understand the funny feelings in their tummy or the feeling of anxiety in an uncomfortable situation. These are early warning signs, and shouldn't be squashed or ignored when a child communicates they feel this way. Identifying these early warning signs helps your child recognise unsafe situations. By recognising the unsafe situations, we can help teach appropriate behaviours between adults and other children.

These are all simple yet crucial lessons to teach your child in an introduction to protective behaviours and a critical part of helping your child identify situations of sexual abuse and grooming.

We have a responsibility to our children to give them all the information we can, about consent, unsafe touch, safe touch, early warning signs and communication, just to name a few.

MY BODY YOUR BODY is an introduction to teaching your child these lessons simply and calmly. Sadly the statistics show that 96% of abuse happens to a child by a familiar person trusted to care for them.

MY BODY YOUR BODY educates children to understand that unsafe touch is not acceptable by anyone no matter the age or type of relationship you have with that person.

Please feel free to contact Mellita via this website for any further questions or to book a parenting session. The abuse of a child thrives on silence. We need to work together as a community and stand up against all forms of abuse towards children. Start your journey today!


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